Playing The Devil’s Tune

  BUY THIS SET   Marchioness Zoe is so damn bored. Parties are a chore, suitors as facile, stupid little men, business is unspeakably dull and the only brief flickers of entertainment in her life

Frau Frankenstien’s Fiendish Folly

  BUY THIS SET   A trip to the early 1970’s today for a Hammer-style spin-off. Frau Docktor Frankenstein (Scarlett Foxett, playing a *lady* doctor, don’t you know, this is all very liberated) has invented

Video Nasty

  BUY THIS SET   Today’s horror is a slice of classic 1980’s straight-to-video horror. Babysitter Scarlett Foxett is all alone in the huge lounge of the house scaring herself silly with creepy old films.

Lesbian Vampire Exploitation

  BUY THIS SET: PART ONE BUY THIS SET: PART TWO   An investigative reporter has gone deep underground into the leather and lesbian scene in New York, armed only with a Pentax SLR and

The Scarecrow (Black And White Edit)

  BUY THIS SET   As well as the gore-soaked regular edit, I prepared a black and white version of The Scarecrow which I think has an appeal all of its own.   BUY THIS

The Scarecrow

<p><a href="">BUY THIS SET</a> Step into the eerie world of the 1970s with "The Scarecrow," a bone-chilling horror film that will send shivers down your spine.</p>

Cabin In The Woods

Hello everybody! I am just back from an amazing week-long location shoot with Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor and Scarlett Foxett. We hired a cabin in the woods location to film some horror-inspired photosets. My idea

The Bloodied Bride

  BUY THIS SET   Her wedding day! So beautiful, so serene, posing on the bed before the ceremony starts. Little did she know the horrors that were in store. The vengeance of her fiancee’s

Kitsune Battle

  BUY THIS SET   Four tails on a fox – wily, but not the full wisdom of seven tails. Some kitsune are cute. This one is a killer, and she’s on the hunt. She’s