The Poltergeist, The Policewoman and the Back-Packer




Chloe was on vacation and had found an even-cheaper-than usual bunkhouse in the depth of the Welsh countryside. Seemed like a nice setting, even if it was a bit hard to get to. She wandered down the road and found the strange old place – no-one about. Well, was there a key safe or a key code? Not even that, as she stepped up to the door she heard a “click” as the door unlocked itself. Maybe there was a doorbell camera and face recognition? Anyway, seemed like she’d got the place to herself.

Upstairs in the bedroom, she kicked off her boots and settled down for a quick burst of social media fix. Funny, the phone signal kept coming and going. She waved her phone in the air, wanting to get enough signal to post a selfie. It almost felt like some strange force in the air was resisting her, pushing the phone away from the area where she could get signal.

Suddenly the force intensified, stronger and more powerful. The invisible tendrils of the poltergeist grabbed Chloe’s phone and threw it across the room. The blonde hardly had chance to gasp before she herself was seized by the psychic force – bodily hurled across the bed! Pinned down, she could only struggle as the pervy poltergeist stripped her of her jeans, her T-shirt, even her panties!

From out of the haunted walls of the cabin came silken spidery ropes of ectoplasm. Chloe was thrown onto her front, roughly held in place as the ropes wrapped around and around her wrists and ankles, confining her into a tight hogtie! To her horror she felt the ghost’s spectral arousal – it was not often the lusty apparition got its phantom phallus near anything as pulchritudinous as Chloe! She felt its ectoplasmic ejaculation all across the soles of her feet and down her back, even into her hair.


But now the ghost was temporarily spent, its power waned. Chloe could see her phone across the room – and two bars of signal! Desperate, she called 999 – the police were on their way!

Officer Foxett was used to weird calls, but this was the weirdest. Some girl in a cabin in the woods claiming to have been tied up and assaulted by some spectral force? Most likely a bad trip. Still, you have to check on these things. No signs of a struggle outside. No reply to a knock on the door… but then… click! The door unlocked itself. Some sort of
spy cam? She proceeded to enter the property and conduct a search.

In no time at all she located the victim – and she did indeed seem to be naked, bound hand and foot and in some distress. As Officer Foxett hurried to her side to try to release her, the poltergeist roused from its post-orgasmic torpor. If there was anything that could rouse the dead, it was surely this spirited and fiery redhead! All her training and skill counted for naught as the poltergeist seized her with overwhelming force. Slammed against the bed, in seconds Scarlett too was naked, bound, barefoot, hogtied and helpless!

And this time, with two hot girls to perve over, the poltergeist was going to take his time!







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