Dr. East’s Elixir




Lucy and Zoe were driving through the countryside – hopelessly lost. No phone signal, no Google Maps, no satnav. The night was drawing in and they were perilously low on petrol, but there was supposedly still some in the tank when the engine coughed and died. Lucy tried turning the key in the ignition – nothing. Zoe goes out and looked under the bonnet- but honestly, who knows what’s meant to go on under there?

Up ahead they could see a house through the trees, a house with a flickering light visible in the windows. Flickering? Could the strange power fluctuations have done something to the car’s electrics? Crash cut to the basement where we see an arcing electrical contraption, clearly the lair of a shambling mad scientist. Dr. East, it is he! The haggard remains of this once brilliant man shamble around the laboratory, making sure everything is prepared for his two guests. The pulse generator has done its job, capturing two sexy little flies in his web. Finally, he will get to test his Elixir on young, fit and healthy subjects!

Back outside and Lucy and Zoe are arguing on their way up the driveway to the house. But it doesn’t really matter
whose fault it is – they seem to have little choice but to try to stay the night here. They peer in through the windows, shout through the front door which is sinisterly ajar….

The living room seems tranquil, although there is a strangely-charged atmosphere and the lights aren’t quite right. In the basement the machine sparks and hums, as the Doctor draws a syringe full of the lurid viscous green elixir, ready to treat his latest vitcims!







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