The Bloodied Bride

  BUY THIS SET   Her wedding day! So beautiful, so serene, posing on the bed before the ceremony starts. Little did she know the horrors that were in store. The vengeance of her fiancee’s

Kitsune Battle

  BUY THIS SET   Four tails on a fox – wily, but not the full wisdom of seven tails. Some kitsune are cute. This one is a killer, and she’s on the hunt. She’s

Bride of Darkness

  WATCH FULL MOVIE   Fair warning – contains horror elements and graphic language! If you’ve not worked out by now, Scarlett is a MASSIVE horror film fan, and that’s reminded me of my own

The Hunted

  WATCH FULL MOVIE   Scarlett and her friend Jenny are back-packing through the wilds of West Wales when they get a little lost. Jenny is sure that the way continues down the road; Scarlett

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